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Church Problems The solution is so simple, it makes you mad!!! Arrogant pride -- thinking highly of yourself Inferiority -- thinking lowly of yourself "It's just STINKIN' pride" "Think with Sober Judgement" Humility -- Correct assessment of self The truth. The smartest thing to happen in history was the Cross. Truth is not defined by love, love is defined by what is true. Satan -- Angel -- Neutered 100% God created sexuality for humans, not satan or angels, so sex isn't sinful in the right context. Attraction Lust Gift Acknowledgement that something is pleasant Sin Selfish choice to desire, want, need, focus on, use to gratify. If I accept that I can fall in love with more than one person, I will be cautious. "Analysis: There are younger and single people out there that are listening. Laying down life means: Death to self Serving Humble Yourself. Romans 12:3 Marriage Problems Family Problems Gender Problems One is thinking more highly of Race Problems themselves than the other. The most intelligent being of the universe created the idea of humbling Himself at the Cross! We don't believe truth = love, but Christianity says that if you don't do truth, you don't love. Choosing highest and best, means doing what is loving for the other person. Romantic Love There is no more appropriate place to talk about sex than in the presence of the one who created it. You don't have to avoid things because something might happen; but avoid it when something may become "unloving". Physical attraction ≠ lust Use it lovingly, not selfishly. The Sex Act intermingles all 3 parts: Body, Mind and Spirit.

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Adolescence -- develop personality -- manifestation of character.3. Be willing to stop You will never be free unless you agree with God Restitution -- say sorry if appropriate Renounce -- often nevessary to break the link in Jesus' name!

Don't communicate emotions past the point that the other person has stated & demonstrated that their emotions are.

Never before had Janice experienced such spiritual intimacy as she had with her teammate Tom.

The beauty of Kenya along with the excitement of God’s work in the Kenyan church seemed to help kindle a special warmth between them. Short-term experiences seem to encourage intimate relationships.

Why Breaking Up is Hard to do Just like a broken tooth, a broken relationship exposes a nerve into the atmosphere that it was never meant to be in.