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Ordo Ab Chao (order out of chaos) is another way of expressing this philosophy of the occult elite.

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I mean, I do hope that Kosuke-sensei gets a chance to see her story to completion while she is still well enough to write and draw it, so you know, god speed and all that.

But, to quote the Brief UPDATES (with spoilers) of other manga chapters: For anyone who depends on me (not likely) for alerts as to when some of the things that I follow have been updated, here’s a few that I’m reading, but have not individually reviewed: there have been three chapter updates since last I posted.

As of this date, Manga Here has published up to: Chapter 35: Homecoming (19 weeks). These last few chapters have gone deep on the political machinations between Dr. Something is rotten in transfer space and Olga is trapped in some kind of faux utopia… This is getting into weird territory, but this manga has kind of been like that from the start.

I’m glad someone seems to be continuing the work of scanlating this, however.

It’s pretty obvious to us however that Pi cycles had something to do with it – as did Smith’s curious connections to Baphomet.