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Some initiation rites went too far in wanting to transform boys into men.Today, however, we’ve gone to far in the opposite direction. We praise trying instead of the quality of their effort. We teach our kids, from toddlers to youngsters, not only that winning isn’t everything, but that it isn’t important at all.We now have boys trapped in the bodies of men, suffering of neoteny, wasting much valued protoplasm which could of been used for better.

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The following is a guest post, written by Victor Balasa. In times past these were the singular moment when a boy became a man. In today’s society, these lines have become blurred and eschewed beyond recognition. In generations past, there was a clear moment when a boy earned his manhood – during his initiation rite. The lost practice of initiation rites lead to the apparition of new mental diseases such as mental neoteny, an illness which, in the past, was an inconceivable affection.

Ghostbusting, is when you don’t get a clue and keep hitting someone up… And Flexting, is when you talk yourself up to someone online before meeting them in real life.