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First published January 2012; substantially revised January 2016. In the process this study sheds light on the way these motifs would have been understood by people at the time which is not necessarily how such imagery came to be regarded a few centuries later.

As none of the wooden have survived there is, clearly, considerable speculation involved.

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She explains how 'listening' and learning from the ancestors should be done in a ritual manner, not necessarily in ways which would be appropriate in other situations.

is the third book in the Living in a Magical World series.

This pioneering investigation looks in detail at Leicestershire and Wiltshire and reveals that the earliest churches favour the upper reaches, often at places on trade routes and with fords.

In these counties there seems to have been one such early church for every upper valley.

However these suggestions fit within a plausible 'underlying' worldview established in the first two volumes of The Twilight Age. Although contemporary documentary sources for the earliest churches are now non-existent, and the archaeological evidence scant, in contrast the topography of their locations is usually little changed, and offers hitherto-ignored insights.