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To be honest i wasnt really confident going in to this one I thought it maybe a cheesy remake of the OCEAN series like The Thieves (sorry kim soo hyun lovers I just hated that movie) but it was sooo GOOD!!!! Please comeback to the drama scene I wanna see u every week instead of just 2hrs in a movie!!!! Will watch school 2013 after finishing the heirs cuz I'm starting in love with you : D. Love you Kim wo bin my first love your acting is so good your so cute I really love your acting in the heirs you were so hottt I felt sry for you in the heirs I aslan cried I really really love you hope you will do a new drama soon I am waiting for you kim woo bin He is my daily dose of happiness! I like ur face,body,acting especially face and body. Hope to see you soon here in the Philippines, hahaha... Lee min ho was actually my favorite actor thats why i got so interested watching the drama, but after seeing Kim Woo-Bin role as Choi Young Do, i got really fascinated!! I'm hoping that he'll gain more projects in the future so that I would be be able to see more of him. I'm looking forward to him visiting the Philippines. Oh god, i'm just making up a story which sounds so stupidly simple! Its unbelievable when I wanted to find something new in the heirs like a unique story and interesting one but luck I found you! I love Kim Woo Bin since School 2013, I love his bad boy image and charisma on the runway and on screen yet very bright lovely personality in real life. Hahahaa but I really want he with Yoona not the model Yoo Ji Ahn.

Kim Woo Bin i miss you new in drama , n i love you kim woo bin , i hope you healty and happy always , i like you acting and you a good actor always, so hope see you new drama again ok kim woo bin we love you from wooribin Waww kim woo bin you show us the diffrent side of your personality at running man episode 240....i so amazed that you can dancing and singging.. I hope you all will be more successfully in the future joaheyo oppa..u're acting is daebak, u're charisma make me more like you..i can't see u..i don't know how to see u.though u have come to my country yesterday but my hometown is far from Jakarta..i don't have enough money to see u..i'll still support u wish u be come a good actor and always kind man to all people...fighting oppa! I just finished watching The Con Artist like 2 minutes ago..was Amazing!!!!!! Wow, you're utterly an amazing actor yet quite young and having such a unique look. I'm really not a KPop or I am not a Kpop-er, but because of his charms, I began to realize that it's not a bad thing to idolize such amazing korean actor :) I'm one of your biggest fan, Woo Bin! I was kinda sad he didn't a girl but who care hes really cute. You are both good looking and excellent actors as well. Everyday i make sure i look at you in youtube and listen to the music of the Heirs.... hwaiting I love u oppa woo bin .,.u look so handsome but sometime u arrogant with your fans .,.i'm really like u .,.maybe someday we will be friend .,.i like u because u look mature with your serious face .,.i hope u will read this ,,.i d'not u can understand or not what I write to u .,.maybe u not understand eng language.,.i hope u reply my message back .,.u can send at my e-mail.,.i will wait..,,saranghae woo bin .,.kamsahamida .,, I had finished watching the 20 episodes of the drama THE HEIRS! I'm recently his fan and would love to see him do a very major role in a romantic,comedy drama where he shouldn't be the pathetic 1 or the antagonist but he should be the charming guy who the girl falls in love with, for his sincerity & strong heart. And hope you get to be the main character that gets the girl and marries her :) Hi...! Until I watch the heirs, with his character, his look with I just so in love with it. honestly my favorite actor was Lee Min Ho, but now I don't know what to do :s does he have any new projects as the leading actor? Please make a romantic drama and pair him with Yoona SNSD or Shin Min Ah or with any pretty korean girl maybe.

without any doubt his the super star of korean drama and korean cinema . He used to be a pianist when he was younger, but he hurt his fingers in an accident and does not play the piano anymore. sometimes he seems even rude and cold and at the same time he has extremly kind and gentle heart.. But when i saw Kim woo bin my heart melt and he killed me. Kim Woo Bin did a spectacular job in the role of Choi Seung Hoon. Wish young do and the girl were meant to be :( but you're role as young do melted many hearts in a totally different way! x Kim Woo Bin oppa-yaaa u are so great, he is so handsome and soo gentle.

But the pain behind that smile is killing me from inside. Give me a reason to achieve what I just made my mind up for. I want to see u with my own eyes♥️ I just hope you're doing well . I love your and Suzy's acting: you both portray your characters so well. So, you should definitely not apologize for not "living up to our expectations." I have loved Uncontrollably Fond and not only has it lived up to my expectations, it has surpassed them. First time I saw you In the heirs your I loved you more than others actors because yor acting really move my feelings then I started to search all your drama. Kim Woo Bin, I saw you for the first time as Choi Young-Do "the heirs" and I loved your acting more than Lee Min-Ho. you act so well in all your dramas w/c really captivated my heart. Saranghae Oppa, looking forward to your drama with Suzy I adore Kim Woo Bin!!! I watched all your movies, dramas and variety shows and I look forward to see you more on the tv show.... i wanna see your movie "twenty" i've seen the trailer in youtube and i guess i will like it. I hope kim woo bin will keep choosing the character that challenge him and also versatile. sorry i use google translation because my English is not ^_^ My angel ever Your look your voice your eyes , hair , all thing in you , i love it :') But one thing make me crazy and die , when you up your eyebrows :') OMG OMG !!!! Keep it up oppa we're all waiting for you to show up again. i`ve already watched in youtube your fan meeting in china and thailand, and i`m surprised you have a singing talent too that adds in your charm... i`m hoping that if I will be given a chance to take a vacation in asian country i would rather go there in SOUTH KOREA... and I even search what are your previous shows, movies and drama and had been watched it all over and over and over again.... by the way i'm joyce one of your biggest fan from philippines... i hope that you take consideration of visiting our countr Y philippines for a fan meeting... Stay health please, wish God always give you a wonderful day, wish you have a happy relationship with Yoo Ji Ahn ssi.

I'm sure our unique woo bin is strong enough to fight his illness and come back healthier and stronger. Glad I found somewhere to get these thoughts and feelings out. Stay healthy and do as your doctor says so you can crush down that really bad disease and regain your healthy again. Now I'm watching your new drama "Uncontrollably Fond", I loved it and I am looking forward to know how it will end. Keep good working but make sure that you choose your roles wisely. not only that you are handsome, but also i can see that you are humble and kind. His looks (his eyes and damn those brows), his smile, sense of humor, and his voice (it's hella sexy). I've watched all his movies and drama series, and all his characters captivate me. I REALLY REALLY WANT KIM WOO BIN AND KIM JI WON TO DO A DRAMA TOGETHER!!!!!! I really liked the way you looked at while in the drama The Heirs. Now I'm really waiting for you in this latest movie. His role in The Heirs was awesome,by his gestures,staring eyes,his mischievous smile,can relayed the full meaning of what his portraying. just thanks for give me a happy :* Park Heung Soo i really like that character of you in SCHOOL 2013, you make me heart cried when you finally make friends again to GO NAM SOON... Oh and keep smiling, you have an amazing smile that just drives me crazy x) Saranghaeyo! i really love your voice especially when i heard you sang in china, it`s very manly eventhough i cant understand the lyrics i felt the song... I know in near future I can visit your country and enjoy my stay.... I hope I can be one of your lucky fan that can have a chance to see you in the near future!!!!! all your fans from philippines is looking forward to seeing you...

I know u will never see this comment but at least I got a place to speak out what I am feeling now. Kim Woo Bin, you should win an acting award for this - you are able to let your viewers feel your pain, your sadness, your anger, your love for the girl that you have been longing for in this drama. This is the first time I have watched you in a drama and I was so impressed and moved by your acting ability. Watching Uncontrollably Fond has made me really realize what a spectacular actor you are! We are waiting to see you in more dramas and more movies. His acting is really good and after I watched some Behind The Scenes I also fell for his personality. you will look good anywhere so please come on dramas and movies more often. Kim woo bin oppa~ I honnestly think that Kim Woo Bin should have gotten the girl in the heirs. :) Like any other fan, would love to meet and see this guy. fristly when you saw chan eun sang while buying the motosikle from that moment i began to like you and look for your news and i really want to contact you and meet you as soon as possible Help not to stare at you, it's like im under your spell You are so good in " the heirs" where i fell in love With you. Kim Woo Bin, you are the best actor.are always in my hear..i love u forever.. Hope to see you in another nice drama as a leading actor. Her role in the series was excellent heirs I believe that the director had made him weak Why true love in the margins of most Korean dramas are Directed by Kim Woo have mostly worked on the character.

I can see your smiling face every time I am closingy eyes. You're one of the few whom I can say you just don't have a really good looking face, but you have that great talent in acting as well! I do not know why Uncontrollably Fond is not receiving high ratings. Uncontrollably Fond has taken me on quite the emotional roller coaster, but one I have thoroughly enjoyed! Kim you are the best actor I saw in all korean drama, I loved korean drama just because of you, Really you're professional in all roles. I wonder, why can't you meet boys like these in school these days or on the streets? i only watched you in the "heirs" drama though your character is bad at first but still i like your acting. I love dramas where the bad boy suddenly falls in love with a good girl and that's exactly him❤️ I really want him to be as the main role on a dramas that is exactly like the heirs but he has to get the girl tho Kim Woo Bin somehow reminds me some of japanese young actors who do not need to star in the high rating, box office, or even being in lead role in order to prove his acting skill. He seems like those " want to know all about you" kinds. The beginning I like oppa woo bin because oppa entered in my dreams. I really hope I can meet with oppa, at least at a distance of 10 meters from my eyes to the eye oppa. I love you so much, they say each one sees perfection in different views, well you're my perfection ! I do like your character in that series it shows how witty you are!!!! I really admire you, now your my inspiration in my studies, well i`m now a college student taking up BS PSYCHOLOGY... saranghamnida, first time I watch your drama which is THE HEIRS you make my day more colorful.. Kim Woo Bin ssi, I can't say how much I love you ^ ^ , I wish I have an opportunity to meet you someday.

Waiting for your comebak all the best I might not be a huge fan of you but I admit you're a superstar you have a unique personality through youe works.. I find myself thinking about you and find myself praying a lot for your recovery and future success. just Trust in Him and He will give all your heart desires. I pray for your quick recovery so that you can grace the screens soon. I always pray for you just please don't give up please lord help him please help him through all this oppa please stay strong I will pray this is so sad to hear oh please lord God heal him of this sickness please Won Bin Oppa I know its hard for you but don't worry too much, everything 's gonna be alright.... Plzz be happy this time is tough but you know na your willpower make things easy for you...... Be hero n fight with this like hero I am sad because of the cancer diagnosis. Kim Woo Bin, I love your acting, your look, your singing voice and your real personality, can't wait for your next drama. By the way I am Egyptian and there are too many who loves "Korean dramas" here :) I'm happy to know that u got the main lead in the Uncontrollably Fond seeing u again in the drama is a big opportunity for me,u'r my idol although i cannot see u while u"r here in the philippines i missed that time but i'm happy now co'z u visit here. I didn't really like The Heirs but I finished watching it because of them, wanting to see if they ended up together. oh right~~ when you will be the main actor in a drama? course of the year you have to make an account which is active instagram, so that the fans do not stop miss. I hope they can give him good movie or drama ..he's a total GEM ..a waste if no one will notice this handsome talented guy..from the Philippines Kim Woo Bin also starred in Love Cells... your so manly and very attractive., because of you, you make my day stress-free everytime i watch you sang the song THE FIGHT... i`m still hoping to be one of your lucky fan to get a chance to meet you in person.... anyways yesterday i`ve done commenting here too, but unfortunately the email that i typed was incomplete I just notice it so late that`s why now im making it sure that my email that i would typing here will be sufficient and correct... I wish you more blessings and good health to you and your family and friends....