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Source – family photo, Leland, Wisconsin Source – family photo, 1950, Cordelia with husband, John on their 20 wedding anniversary – celebration in the church basement. Cordelia as a 49 year old widow, built a small house a hundred yards from the farm she grew up on, never remarried, and died at the age of 84 in 1994.

Source – author photo, Cordelia – 1970s Source – author photo, Cordelia at Immanuel Lutheran’s cemetery, at John’s grave. Source – author photo about 1990, Gerald was an unusually skilled mechanic and after retirement, worked occasionally on the Uihlein racing auto collection in Hamilton, next door to Cedarburg.

Source – Renata files, Renata with her daughter Glenrose – about 1936 Source – family photo, Renata on the right, visiting her sister, Cordelia in Leland, Sauk County, Wis.

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As a very small child, she was sickly and the surprise to the family was her remarkable longevity.

Cordelia’s husband, John Pfohl, was a Lutheran pastor; they lived in the tiny village of Leland near the Natural Bridge State Park in Sauk County for nearly twenty-two years.

Viola loved her Lueder homestead, and a quarter mile distant was as far away as she wanted to go.

Source – family photo, The creamery Source – family photo, Demolition Source – author photo, Viola in front of her home, about 1990 Source – author photo, Viola and Erwin at home about 1980 Viola died at 99 years of age.

Source – author photo, Typical scene at the wood-stove in the farmhouse kitchen. Source – author photo, On the back porch – late 1980s, L-R: Viola, Cordelia, Elda Source – author photo, At the Fromm farm on Glacier Drive near West Bend, home of their grandmother, Sophie Fromm Nieman. Source – author photo, Dinner (noon meal) at the farmhouse – 1980s Source – author photo, The invariable nap after the noon meal – over the years the chair wore to conform to Edgar’s physique.