Who is kendra dating

A few days later, Hef called her personally and asked her to be his girlfriend, and Kendra moved in to the Mansion.The rest, as they say, is history – she joined Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison as one of Hef’s best girls, and was vaulted to reality TV stardom.

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Cisco later returned to simply order coffee, asking if Kendra was going to shoot him down again.

Kendra told Cisco that she was new to Central City and accepted his offer for a date, giving him her phone number.

The man identified himself as Khufu and told Kendra she needed to remember him and who he was and told her that until her memories came back she needed to stay by his side so he could protect her.

The Green Arrow and The Flash came to Kendra's rescue and managed to subdue the man.

Born and raised in Clairemont, a suburb of San Diego, California, Kendra was working as a dental assistant when someone told her she should be a model.