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she counted then ripped of Renesmee's covered."Wake up! Then she ate her breakfast then her phone buzzed she picked it up and a big smile crossed her face it was her boyfriend Jacob Black the text read: Renesmee smiled and quickly texted him back then she went up to her father cheerfully."Dad can you take me to La Push please? As they walked out of the house toward Edward's Volvo Renesmee frowned she thought sadly."Hey be nice I like my Volvo" Edward chuckled as he opened her door. Then her Edward sighed and pulled toward the treaty line."I'll pick you up at six ok…Renesmee be careful" he said in a concerned tone."Ok thank you dad…and don't worry Jake is in control" Renesmee reassured him then hopped out of the Volvo and walked away . Renesmee looked at her aunt then sighed."No…I'm not mad" then Renesmee seen Jasper standing by the door smirking."JASPER! " Renesmee whined."Good morning Renesmee…did you sleep well? Renesmee sad nothing and gave Jasper one of her angry glares. ""No Alice" Renesmee sighed."Don't make me get Jasper up here!Renesmee thought with a smirk knowing Edward could hear her.

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Renesmee sighed and got in the car then Edward turned to her."Why did you have to be picked up early….

Alice couldn't see that much in her vision" Edward said."Oh um Sam picked up the scent of a vampire and said he need Jake" Renesmee explained."Vampire? " Edward asked anxiously."Yea dad I'm fine don't worry, and besides I had Jake there to protect me" she smiled. I wanted to make sure she was ok" Emmett explained."I appreciate your concern Emmett….you can just cross the treaty line like that" Edward said."Edward….. I don't really trust that dog either" Jasper said."I know….

" she grinned."Alice…I don't really feel like trying on a bunch of clothes today! Alice's happy expression turned into a pout and she looked up at her niece with a puppy dog look."Please?

Renesmee sighed and sat up then Alice jumped back on her bed with like twenty outfits in her arms."Which one do you want to try on first?

Renesmee nodded and they started to walk toward the beach.