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But in the past month, we've seen even more hart-break another You Tube couple has fallen out of love, it's of course Hangrid.Even though Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen had only been 'publicly' dating since September 2015, they quickly became a relationship set to define love in the 21st Century.That's a degree of representation you'll never get in any other medium.

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Both Hannah and Ingrid uploaded their 'split' tweet at the exact moment approximately two months after the real breakup.

But what shone through all the tears and screaming we did was the fact that they still spoke very highly of each other, saying that it was a mutual decision and that they still loved each other dearly.

We obviously cannot deny that other LGBT couples exist on You Tube, because they do in their THOUSANDS - but Hangrid were easily the most visible.

With a combined subscriber count of nearly 6.5 million You Tube fans, their collabs, Insta's and Snap-stories were seen by millions of people 24/7.

Not even a year ago, Ingrid posted one of the most viewed 'coming out' videos on You Tube.