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Some are divorced and share custody with their exes. I have friends who have ex-partners who are supposed to pay child support and see their child, but don't.

"You are far from a #singleparent so please don't insult us," I tweeted at her. A dad for your kids." Hi honey, young grasshopper @Kristin Cav you are far from a #singleparent so please don't insult us. — Christine Coppa (@Chrissy COP80) September" class="redactor-linkify-object"Don't get me wrong.

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I respect the fact that Cavallari didn't uproot her three children (Cam, 5, Jax, 3, and Saylor, 1) because her NFL husband has to hit the road.

It's great that she gets to stay put in her six bedroom, eight-and-a-half bathroom mansion, set on an 8.56-acre lot in the Nashville 'burbs. I'm not dating, but if I were, I couldn't start telling people I have a partner after a few successful nights out.

Kristin adds to the caption: 'Feeling very grateful for the past few months.

Thank you @miamidolphins for taking such great care of me and my family.

“And I am really looking forward to being in one place, setting up shop, getting my kids in school there.” Added Cavallari: “And knowing that we’re going to be there for a very long time, if not forever, is a very exciting thing for me because my life is so hectic and so crazy that having a permanent home base is very comforting to me.” Even though Nashville has been the couple’s goal all along, Cavallari’s oldest child may have had his own city of choice in mind. “I’m like, ‘Ask your dad.’ ” (Cavallari famously grew up in Laguna Beach, California, and lived in L. after graduating high school.) But the pair actually has a handful of reasons on why they wanted to put down roots in Nashville. There’s not really a whole lot to not like about Nashville.” And although they’re moving in just a few days, Cavallari admitted it hasn’t “really hit [her] yet.” “We’re moving on Tuesday, so I mean it’s kind of crazy,” said the former reality star, who is heading to New York on Sunday evening to help E! So yeah, it’s basically right here, so I don’t think it will hit me until once we’re there.” But for Cutler, 33, Cavallari believes “it’s a new chapter for him.” “It’s exciting. “I said to Jay the other day, ‘All three of our babies were born in Chicago.’ So I’m kind of sad about that too.” “I’m sadder than I thought I would be for sure,” she admitted. I don’t know.” However, Cavallari noted that the family will “get back” to the Windy City “for sure.” “My mom is there. “He hasn’t said what he’s going to do next year, and I’ll let him say that when it’s time to, but he’s good.