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The band would return to finish their set, albeit a shorter one than other recent tour stops.

Still, the SC crowd did get a special treat, as Lauren Mayberry of openers CHVRCHES joined DCFC early in the show for a performance of “Brothers on a Hotel Bed”.

Death Cab lyrics, usually all melancholy introspection, had given way to an unexpected sense of hopefulness.

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Henson helped raise $1.6 million for researchers around the world working on a cure for HIV.

Also in attendance was Queen Latifah, Heidi Klum, Maxwell and Halsey, who closed the event with an intamiate performance.

The most recognizable markers of pre-“adorkable” era Death Cab are here, with heartfelt meditations on disillusionment and the pains of drifting apart.

Gibbard himself disagrees with the notion of Kintsugi as a monument to a breakup, but on certain songs, it’s clear whom Gibbard was inspired by.“Was I in your way / When the cameras turned to face you?

From video of the incident above, it’s not entirely evident what happened.