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Mr Weeks pledged to continue Mr De Silvas work to help community and sports clubs.He added: The time has long been overdue for us to acknowledge and bring our community and sporting clubs into the 21st century.The Premier added that Mr Weeks has a deep passion for the community and for sport.

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The PLP Parliamentary Group also endorsed the second longest-serving PLP Member of Parliament, Derrick Burgess, to serve as Deputy Speaker.

Last nights announcement came as legislators prepare for a return to the House of Assembly on Friday, when the Throne Speech will be delivered under the new PLP Government.

Ms Furbert and her fellow junior ministers are all relative newcomers to the political scene and ran as candidates in the General Election last month.

Ms Caesar will take on the junior portfolios of tourism, home affairs and economic development, while Mr Campbell will take finance, public works and government reform.

Ms Furbert is the new MP for St Georges South and sat as a senator from November last year until this summers election. Bermuda is still at a place where we need to continue with awareness of disability.