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I’ll try to list out the pros and cons of both schools of thought.

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I’ve always felt that a newer version of something is not always better.

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If you see there is an update for your BIOS, either through Windows or by visiting the PC manufacturers website, you can usually download an executable program that will perform the update for you. An update may include fixes that help the software work better on your machine. Now for the real question: do you need to upgrade your BIOS to the latest version?

Occasionally, you have to update the BIOS by other methods like using a CD or DVD, but that’s more rare now. Here are some of the possible reasons for an updated BIOS: 1. I personally feel that you should only update your BIOS if you’re currently having a problem.

Depending on who you talk to, you’ll quickly find that there is no one answer.

Lots of people feel updating the BIOS is not necessary unless there’s a specific reason while others feel updating to the latest version is always a good idea.

As as computer user, you’ve probably heard of the BIOS by now, which stands for Basic Input/Output System.