Wechat id finder

Upon clicking on your article, users can access your account page by clicking the name of your account at the top of the article.

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The text and voice messaging features of the application turn out to be great tools to help you recognize the Chinese characters and practice Mandarin Chinese, even for people who are at an absolute beginner level. And as you write the same characters again and again, it will help you to recognize them.

Writing Chinese characters when chatting with your friends on We Chat is a fun way to put into use what you’re learning in class. To enter characters on your smartphone, you can go to Setting-Language and Input Methods-Install Chinese simplified; or you can use specific input apps like Sogou, which also allows you to easily switch between English and Chinese.

They are also ideal for online conversion, for instance at the bottom of an article written about your brand by a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) We Chat contains a search tool for Official Accounts.

However, this tool is not very “fuzzy” (you have to write the name of the account fairly accurately) and is not really used for discovery.

It is mostly useful if users are already familiar with your brand and trying to find it on We Chat by typing its name.