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While the johns always seemed to behave themselves, she says the acts that played out were hard to be around.

Prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic, but that doesn't make it any less exploitative, she says."I was battling certain feelings of guilt, sort of like a war photographer," she says.

In many ways it makes the viewers the johns and makes the real johns part of the prostitution."Hopefully the viewers of my work will go beyond the fact that I just photographed prostitution because that was not the reason I did it," Jakrlova says.

"This explores a lot of issues including who is the prostitute and the prostitutee."For Jakrlova, this type of service is indicative of a larger, ominous trend of broadcasting more and more intimacies across the globe via the internet."I really do believe that instead of enhancing our lives, the process of sharing online is banalizing our experiences to a certain degree.

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