Very sedating

It's the same amount of sedation, because by the time you hit 400mg, you were all full up. Until this drug is blocking a significant number of D2 receptors, it is not functioning as an antipsychotic.

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Which brings us to the second problem: closed mindedness.

Even though I’ve told you the truth, you still don’t believe it—that’s how powerful your perspective is.

And much less of a D2 blocker, which is what actually provides the antipsychotic effect. The spokes don't cause the effect-- the spokes fit into receptors-- the receptor causes the effect. Instead of thinking that the drug binds to all receptors simultaneously, a better would be a champagne fountain, like at a wedding.

You can also see that Seroquel’s H1 section is bigger than Zyprexa’s, which explains why Seroquel is more sedating than Zyprexa. So if it binds to H1 receptor, the other spokes remain unused. Except I hate champagne, so pretend it is a rum fountain.

Here’s the thing: if one molecule of Seroquel goes to H1, and not to D2, then can it have any antipsychotic effect? One molecule binds to H1, so it isn't an antipsychotic, it's an antihistamine. The drug can't be called an antipsychotic unless it is behaving as an antipsychotic, regardless of the product labeling.