Updating the adm files

Before diving into ARC, be aware of two instances of bundleware in the installer.

First, it’ll ask if you want to set Yahoo as your browser homepage, and second, it’ll ask if you want to install Auslogics Driver Updater as well. ARC can back up your registry before applying changes, and restore the older version if anything goes wrong.

The Pro version adds multi-user cleaning, automatic scheduled registry cleanings, and more advanced options for boosting system performance and backing up changes.

updating the adm files-41

Wise Registry Cleaner is a 2-in-1 app that cleans the registry and tunes up system performance. In terms of how many registry issues it found, WRC only did worse than Jet Clean.

I like the simplicity of the interface, and the inclusion of a registry defragmenter is a nice bonus.

In addition to cleaning the registry, Jet Clean has four other cleaning features built-in: Windows clean (operating system junk files), Apps clean (installed application junk files), Shortcuts clean (invalid shortcuts to files and Start Menu items), and RAM clean (for memory leaks).

Other helpful features include startup optimization, internet booster, performance booster, and the ability to create a portable version that you can carry around on a USB drive.

The fact that it only focuses on one task may be why it’s so effective.