Updating system management services aix

Unless the user specifies another value as a kernel boot parameter, the system will attempt to enter (start) the default runlevel.Systems conforming to the Linux Standard Base (LSB) need not provide the exact run levels given here or give them the meanings described here, and may map any level described here to a different level which provides the equivalent functionality.

Different runlevels are typically assigned (not necessarily in any particular order) to the single-user mode, multi-user mode without network services started, multi-user mode with network services started, system shutdown, and system reboot system states.

The exact setup of these configurations varies between operating systems and Linux distributions.

either the runlevel 2, 3 or 4 is executed, not more of them sequentially or in any other order.

A runlevel defines the state of the machine after boot.

Any changes made to the original file system after the copy is split off are not reflected in the backup copy.