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The sequence generator generates sequential numbers, which can be used to generate unique primary keys automatically, and to coordinate keys across multiple rows or tables.

Without sequences, sequential values can only be produced programmatically.

For information changing conditions and their impact on views, see SELECT * FROM Division1_staff; ENAME EMPNO JOB DNAME ------------------------------------------------------ CLARK 7782 MANAGER ACCOUNTING KING 7839 PRESIDENT ACCOUNTING MILLER 7934 CLERK ACCOUNTING ALLEN 7499 SALESMAN SALES WARD 7521 SALESMAN SALES JAMES 7900 CLERK SALES TURNER 7844 SALESMAN SALES MARTIN 7654 SALESMAN SALES BLAKE 7698 MANAGER SALES This error message is returned when a view exists but is unusable due to errors in its query (whether it had errors when originally created or it was created successfully but became unusable later because underlying objects were altered or dropped). Additionally, if a view is a join on other nested views, then the other nested views must be mergeable into the top level view.

For a discussion of mergeable and unmergeable views, and more generally, how the optimizer optimizes statements that reference views, see the Examples illustrating the rules for inherently updatable join views, and a discussion of key-preserved tables, are presented in following sections.

Base tables might in turn be actual tables or might be views themselves.