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The sample below shows the import operation handled with PS CSOM: As you can hopefully see, there’s lots you can accomplish with the Power Shell and CSOM combination.

Anything that can be done with CSOM API can be wrapped into a script, and you can build up a library of useful Power Shell snippets just like the old days.

The script below, like the others that follow it, all reference my Top Of Script.ps1 script above: Along very similar lines (because it also involves activating a Feature), is the idea of enabling “side-loading” on a site.

More examples later, but here’s a small illustration: # get the site collection scoped Features collections (e.g. The 3 approaches I’m thinking of are: post focuses on the last flavor.

to activate one) – not showing how to obtain $client Context here.. I also wrote a short companion post about the overall landscape and with some details/examples on the other flavors, at Using Share Point Online and MSOL cmdlets in Power Shell with Office 365 You need to obtain the Share Point DLLs which comprise the .

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And those 30 mainly cover basic operations with sites, users and permissions – no scripting of, say, Managed Metadata, user profiles, search and so on. Execute Query() Of course, we can only perform operations where the method exists in the . The first thing to understand is that there are actually 3 different approaches for scripting against Office 365/Share Point Online, depending on what you need to do.