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If you are not completely up to speed on what reflections are, there is this tutorial here we did using Reflections in Primavera that merge scenarios back in your project.

That is going to help give you a starting point for reflections and how to use them.

We are going to assume that the grading and drainage contract is manage by a sub-contractor.

They are delivering us updates on that contract via xer file.

— but when it comes to writing up a report, Word is a much better tool. Just click Print, and submit the report to your manager.

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    You are also able to ping FS01 by using its IP address from the user’s computer. The network consists of an Active Directory domain. The computer’s IP configuration is shown in the exhibit. However the e-mail never reached the intended recipient. You should run the Get-Queue – Filter {status – eq “retry” cmdlet. Property values that are not expressed as an integer must be enclosed in quotation marks.