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NET Core and Xamarin are all important products that will continue to evolve, for Windows, cross-platform cloud and cross-platform mobile, respectively. You can share code and reuse your skills across the entire . It’s good to recap in this post what defines and is included in .

NET will continue to be relevant for your existing workloads. We want them to know that it’s also a great choice for performance. NET Core for about two years now, although it has changed significantly over that time.

Today we are announcing Samsung as the newest member. NET is a great technology that dramatically boosts developer productivity. NET Core on Git Hub – especially in the area of ARM support – and we are looking forward to contributing further to the . NET.” Hong-Seok Kim, Vice President, Samsung Electronics.

NET Foundation, which now manages more than 60 projects. NET Foundation’s Technical Steering Group and help more developers enjoy the benefits of .

NET Core and Xamarin apps will share new common capabilities in the future. We see throughput that is 8x better than and almost 3x better than Go, on the same hardware. These improvements are from the changes that we were able to get into the 1.0 product. NET developers know that the platform is a great choice for productivity.