Updating a materialized view in oracle

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) If your AWS account has a default VPC, then your DB instance is automatically created inside the default VPC.

If your account does not have a default VPC, and you want the DB instance in a VPC, you must create the VPC and subnet groups before you create the DB instance.

Before creating a DB instance, you should complete the steps in the Setting Up for Amazon RDS section of this guide.

updating a materialized view in oracle-59

There are two licensing options available for Amazon RDS for Oracle; License Included and Bring Your Own License (BYOL).

After you create an Oracle DB instance on Amazon RDS, you can change the licensing model by using the AWS Management Console, the Amazon RDS API Modify DBInstance action, or the AWS CLI modify-db-instance command.

Amazon Web Services and Oracle have a multi-vendor support process for cases which require assistance from both organizations.

The Bring Your Own License model is supported on Amazon RDS for the following Oracle database editions: Amazon RDS supports Multi-AZ deployments for Oracle as a high-availability, failover solution. For more information, see High Availability (Multi-AZ).

Use this account for any administrative tasks such as creating additional user accounts in the database.

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