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There is a continuum from dedicated machines to virtualization, to containers and eventually to serverless architectures, Sharples said.

"They look at this opportunity to jump to the head of the class in skills." Of course, not every customer makes that transition easily, even with the support Rensin and his team provide.

The first red flag is when a customer repeatedly asks questions that are addressed upfront within documentation.

"I have the advantage of working for our CIO, but sitting in the innovation side, looking at how our guests will interact with us two years in the future.

That's all I look at." Refactoring is one way to get the most out of the public cloud, but many industry observers see infrastructure as a service as merely the first step.

"We took the opportunity to rewrite and rearchitect core parts of our components when moving our legacy workloads." Hightail did so, first and foremost, to optimize costs and performance on the public cloud, where servers can be added or deleted as needed, Paranandi said.