Updating a hacked iphone

For millions of happy users all over the world, the i Phone is fantastic just as it is.It's beautiful, elegant and easy to use, and there are thousands upon thousands of apps and oodles of content for them to choose on the App Store. People who want to break free of the restrictions they believe Apple has forced upon us all - from the default apps that come with i OS to the fact that its underlying structure cannot be customised by individual programmers, third-party developers or even users themselves. And Apple has been playing a cat-and-mouse game with them ever since the i Phone launched in January 2007.

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It's easy to understand the jailbreakers' frustration.

On the Mac you can pretty much do whatever you want to customise your day-to-day experience with the hardware.

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One of the biggest things to think about is who actually owns the i Phone you're thinking of jailbreaking. But what if it's a work perk or has been given to you by your mum and dad or a friend?

If you don't want to use Mail for email or Safari for surfing, you can download alternatives such as Sparrow or Firefox instead.