Updating a colonial home exterior

But that turned out not to be the best option because A.

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Thanks to Remi pushing hard, they approved our design and we could finally get going. They found that there wasn’t any insulation (insane) so we added that ($), then they found that there were flaws in the footings and strappings so we essentially rebuilt the foundation ($$$$$). They added insulation, plywood, waterproof paper, plywood and then that beautiful wood.

Of course when we came home that day after so much of the wood was up Brian and I both were like …

We ended up going with the top right which I was surprised about but Brian really liked it and I’m not going to argue with a gray/blue on our house.

We wanted to mix tones without being too high contrast nor too similar so looking accidental.

We created this rendering indicating every single material and finish both for our contractor and for the city to get the permits.