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This letter must indicate: Notice: The information presented here summarizes the main aspects of UHIP.

Your actual benefits from UHIP will be determined according to the terms and conditions of the insurance contract with the UHIP insurer.

Sun Life will not reimburse the cost of charges relating to elective (non-emergency) surgery or treatment during your extension period.

Please send all original receipts and invoices to the address listed on the claim form for review.

Travelling Out of Country If you travel outside of Canada, UHIP provides minimal out-of country coverage which may not be sufficient to cover your medical expenses (see Emergency Services outside Ontario or Canada).

If you are authorized to stay in Canada for travel purposes, for instance if you have extended your temporary visitor’s permit, you may extend your UHIP coverage to a maximum of 60 days. If your student visa or work permit has expired and you have requested an extension of the authorization document, you may extend your UHIP coverage.

You must apply for a coverage extension at your university before your UHIP coverage expires, and provide proof that you have applied for an extension of the authorization document.

Contact Sun Life to help answer any questions or concerns you may have about your UHIP coverage.