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BPB inside boot sector [used to boot both kernel files] 50h:0 = first root directory sector, first entry must be RXDOSBIO. So here's my first stab at booting Rx DOS on fatfs andrewbird/disks12. With FAT12 or FAT16 sized disks it doesn't like something and then crashes dosemu when accessing the floppy. ASM LABEL: Swappable Data Area 21.3000 vendor is 5Eh for Rx DOS, though that isn't very certain. However, note that this version doesn't use the redirector interface at all, so I don't know whether you need the SDA at all.

Short of time today, so won't be able to tidy up into something worthy of a PR #0018: UDESC: Some programs crash. SYS PDESC: Although the SDA/DOSDATA layout word was set to 1 (MS-DOS 4.x ), the SDA actually had the MS-DOS 3.x layout. Ahh, okay, so since our fatfs vfs is readonly and 7.1.5 doesn't do redirector calls, there's probably not much point worrying about it too much.

The error I'm seeing with a fuller test case is that the int 13 calls in DOS do not stop execution, they don't break to the debugger.

But as I mentioned, I can't yet reproduce this with a simpler test case.

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