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His first sketch would be called Michael's Hatemail.

November 5, 2005: The first Baby Joey sketch is performed.

November 26: 2005: Frank Plays Dale in the Knobs sketches for the first time.

April 29: 2006: Frank plays Tommy Hackenjos in the Coach Hines for the first time, and Baby Joey, and Dale in the Knobs sketches for the last time. Usually when the more short-lived cast members of the past who were really underused I can usually see why they weren't used as much as the more popular cast members(either they weren't that good or didn't really fit in with the show) but with Frank it made no sense why he was so underused.

I am writing a two man sketch show right now that I believe is pretty great with my pal Matt Craig. Cat Man would've been a great character for Mad Tv! - "He looka lika man." - Bunny Swan -"This has been Cabana Chat, and this AHH AHH AHHHHHH is Dixie Wetsworth!