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Says Fish, "If it happens, it happens, [but] we're not changing our course." Like the rest of the NBA artists, however, Fishbone's course has frequently changed, crossed and flouted existing genres according to their own eclectic inspirations.

When the band first started playing they covered art-rock songs by Rush and Pink Floyd.

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It's hard to believe that an essay that began in college would now be taught in those same halls, so I am awed and humbled by its continuing reception. There isn't any other tale to tell, it's the only light we've got in all this darkness...

And this tale, according to that face, that body, those strong hands on those strings, has another aspect in every country, and a new depth in every generation.

"People aren't going to see your shit just because you're black. I didn't think they should see the Color Purple and any black person who saw Soul Man should have been shot." I admit I was curious so I rented Soul Man just last week. "Black people are the greatest artists on this earth, probably because we're the first people on the earth. They ain't stopping for him." A few days later, on the other coast, another interview, a little different. Lee looks meek but talks strong, I am scared of entering this old Los Angelino theater where a black rock group that tosses dead fish onto its audience and once rear-projected a porno film of an oceanically fat black woman having sex with two white men during their song "Cholly" ("I love ya Cholly with your big fat body/Oh oh golly Cholly you're just chubbly wubbly wobbly") is grinding out material for their new album (Truth & Soul, Columbia).

White people know that...[but] I still can't catch a cab. Today's the 22nd birthday of Fishbone's oldest member and its namesake, drummer "Fish" Fisher, so they aren't getting a lot of work done.

-- James Baldwin, They have just reopened a wing of huge Junior's Restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, just so Spike Lee can talk in peace.