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He went through a sped-up version of puberty that brought changes to his voice and testosterone-fueled impulses he didn't understand. I'd forget and call him by his given female name, or refer to him as her.And in an attempt to sound interested and supportive, I asked him invasive and personal questions, often in mixed company.We have also come to the point where the backlash against these rapid changes has manifested in sometimes surreal fashion, as it did earlier this year during the so-called battle of the bathroom, when about half of all states joined lawsuits against the Obama Administration. As a trio, we've always resembled one another, but Evan and I were the most alike.

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"It hurts, but I've gotten used to it," he told me.

"I imagine it's like some women getting used to high heels."His transformation is as much social as it is physical. For nearly a dozen years, the world has responded to him as a guy.

Once, during a brunch with our extended family, I asked him about whether he planned to alter his genitals.

"Jessi," he said, raising his right eyebrow in that way we both do. 6 in., just tall enough that he makes a respectable short guy.

Also, he knew he might one day want to nurse a baby.