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They escape, but become temporarily trapped in its cage.

Kane attempts to take his own life rather than kill Jaha, but a Grounder witness, Lexa, reveals herself to be the commander and says she believes their wish for peace is sincere.

She allows Jaha to escape with a message to his camp: leave within two days, or die.

In the end, Clarke goes to meet with Lexa in a last-ditch effort to save Finn from the brutal execution process Lincoln has explained.

When Lexa refuses clemency, Clarke asks if she can say goodbye to Finn.

She approaches, kisses him, and tells him she loves him while stabbing him in the heart, killing him quickly.

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    To Tekk, many seemed like the usual 4chan miscreants. "We just kind of figured, ' OK, we're in this together,' " Tekk says.

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    The american journal of clinical nutrition, march 2011..

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    In 1391 King *Wenceslaus released the burghers from their debts to the Jews on payment of a fee to the royal chamber.

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    Since then, his story has been the subject of countless articles and interviews. Devon has always had a picture of how he wanted his life to go, and, on the surface, his life has followed that path.