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:) And third, you can also up her investment by getting her to invest TIME into your relationship. If she wants to hang with you, it's going to cost her something — time, effort, money.

Time, in this instance, means that you and her frequently do things that YOU want to do. Once in a while, you insist on going to your favorite restaurant, or to the ballgame, or out with your idiotic, obnoxious friends. You essentially upped your VALUE in her eyes by showing her that, if she wants you, she has to occasionally do things that you like to do. But this attitude is completely contrary to that of most guys when entrenched within the thralls of a .

You must expect her to treat you as well as you treat her.

Now logically, one would think that women would love the "goddess" treatment.

And it's your job, as a successful and happy Don Juan, to keep your lady pumping those coins in — and upping her investment in you — so that as soon as Wayne Newton, or some other hairy-butted diversion comes along, she won't be tempted to take off and check out his show.