thin privilege dating - Teen dating violence intervention

The researchers found that 30% of both boys and girls reported being victims of some form of violence in their dating relationships.And those who were treated badly in their younger years were two to three times more likely to get stuck in the same patterns of dating aggression as they got older.

“It’s a public-health problem that needs to be addressed through education and intervention.” Why does dating violence put young adults at risk for unhealthy behavior?

The research didn’t look at that, but it may be related to stress.

Youth are less likely to be involved in teen violence if they have learned nonviolent ways to solve problems, if they have strong family ties, and if they have goals and a commitment to school.

Parents can help reduce the risk that their teens will be perpetrators or victims of violence if they talk to their teens every day and show that they care and want their teens to avoid violence and drug abuse.

From infants to the elderly, it affects people in all stages of life.