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As the saying goes, A woman without a husband is like a horse without a bridle.

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Bulgarians have blood from the Bulgars, from the local Thracians, which most Romanians are descended from apparently, and the Slavs that were in the region at the time, which is quite the genetic mix. It's my dream to travel to Kazan and inject my Bulgarian man-juice into as many females as possible. You'll find girls on the Tatar side who behave just like Russians.

Others wear traditional dress with headscarves and aren't open to 'outsiders'.

They don't have the extreme ninja costumes like in the Middle East, but I would still avoid girls dressed in traditional outfits - they'll probably respond out of politeness but it will only end in frustration.

I haven't spent much time in Kazan, but for the more modern (post-soviet) women, I think your game will have to be the same as in other provincial cities (you'll need a Californian driver's license). The American continent was initially occupied by Mongoloid peoples who jumped from Siberia into Alaska some 10,000s of years ago and then went all the way South to Argentina.

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