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The lobsters are farmed in cages submerged in the seawater; you’ll see (and smell) the barnacled cages drying in the sun on the beaches.Most of the bays on Cam Lap Promontory are still working beaches: they haven’t been cleaned up for tourists, so you’ll see boats coming ashore with their catch, and woven coracles floating just offshore tending to their fishing nets.

The squid fishermen go out into the bay in the evenings, returning early to mid-morning, when they can be found in the narrow back-streets of the fishing hamlets, eating snacks and drinking beer and rice wine before going to bed.

At some of the accommodation options you may be able to arrange a night out on-board one of the squid fishing vessels.

It’s the kind of place you fall in love with, and one that, for the time being, really does deserve the overused epithet of ‘hidden gem’.

Beaches don’t get much better than this in Vietnam, and yet, if you visit on a weekday (avoiding weekends and national holidays), you will probably have the chalky, white-sand, boulder-studded beaches and mirror-flat, jade-blue sea all to yourself.

Accessed via a steep, narrow, paved lane leading north from the spectacular Nui Chua Coast Road, the promontory is made up of giant boulder piles which rise from the calm, blue waters of the bay.

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