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This mode should have more consistent performance and use less resources when there are more inactive connections than database requests.from writing potentially sensitive data stored on the database to the diagnostic log.A copy of the most recent release of the time zone database can be downloaded from This setting has no effect if it is higher than your operating system’s configured maximum connection tracking threshold.

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The built-in time zone database is a copy of the Olson/IANA time zone database.

It is updated along with Mongo DB releases, but the release cycle of the time zone database differs from the release cycle of Mongo DB.

: string A fully qualified server domain name for the purpose of configuring SASL and Kerberos authentication.

The SASL hostname overrides the hostname only for the configuration of SASL and Kerberos.

For executes LDAP operations against to authenticate users or determine what actions a user is authorized to perform on a given database.