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And here’s a great line: Kelsey Grammer’s anchor character is a womanizing, arrogant, vain, narcissistic lush who lives in the William Penn hotel and regularly chases the skirts of women in their twenties for one night stands. AND, another of my sisters also had a cat named Kitty that is now dead. The Bengals are criminals, the Patriots are filthy stinking cheater devils, and the Steelers are domestic abusers. Here’s an article about Pittsburgh’s reputation as it relates to local media or whatever. While hunting around the net for what else I might want to call my random posts, I stumbled upon “The World Famous Random Kitten Generator.” I hate cats, it’s true. In fact, my sister (Tina Fey) had a cat named Kitty (now that I think of it, she still has a cat named Kitty, but it’s a different cat because Kitty died a long time ago. It’s not the diaper changing, or complete a upending of your social life, or even the lack of sleep, necessarily. The hardest part is that we learn a new paradigm—one where the mess is the norm. Our schedules change, to fit around the needs of another person. And now that I’ve been here a few years, I’m starting to believe that when we embrace the mess, we thrive in it.

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It’s one of those moments where you realize what parenthood is all about – living with the mess. If it’s not a giant pile of toilet paper in my front entryway, it’s probably a giant pile of unfolded laundry in my bedroom.

Or toys scattered from one end of the family room to the other.

The Choice is an American television dating game show that premiered on Fox on June 7,immediately following the premiere of Take Me Out.

The Choice Season 1 Episode 3 Recap 6 is an all new episode of “The Choice.

Or an entire Day’s worth of plastic kid plates puked up on my counter.