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The course emphasizes the traditional role of the latest function and rendering of an opinion on published financial statements.Topics include generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS), the auditor's report (opinion), professional ethics, audit evidence, planning the audit and the evaluation of risk and the professional responsibility and legal liability relative to auditing standards.

► We contribute to social movement debates and theorising.

Robert Hollands is a graduate of Queens University (Canada) and the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham.

Emphasis here is placed on the relationship and shift from political to cultural opportunity; the mobilisation of cultural institutions, networks, leadership, and social ties in the formation of oppositional film movements and organisations like Amber; and the framing processes undertaken to identify and distinguish themselves from the cultural mainstream.

In the conclusion, we briefly touch on a number of questions regarding the application of our framework, more generally, for understanding collective action and the cultural formation of arts organisations today.► We modify social movement concepts to understand an arts movement.

Culture has been implicated in a wide range of individual behaviors.