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Then it was a very new idea, today we’re part of a local food revolution".

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Jacqui Cowper-Smith of Beau’s Bakehouse, initially a one-woman enterprise, has moved to a much bigger unit and found other keen bakers to help her produce the homemade cakes and tray bakes that keep the café’s customers sweet.

Westmorland’s CEO, Sarah Dunning, speaks with the kind of dedication food lovers – and those who care about British farming – want to hear.

The services have already made a big impact on the farms and food producers that supply them.

Cinderhill Farm, an eight-acre smallholding owned by Neil and Deborah Flint, have had to take on four staff to help them keep up with the demands for their pies, pasties and sausage rolls (and what sausage rolls they are).

Gloucester Services isn’t just good for those who love food, though.