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Well meaning people who used to send me funny, sexy or silly birthday cards now send me deeply religious birthday greetings that waiver very close to the line of a sympathy card.

Evidently, when you reach a certain age you should start thinking more about the hereafter than having a kick ass celebration. Read More My good friend Jeff Gilder from Racers Reunion introduced me to Nexus Fuel Products, and I am happy to give a testimonial about how great this stuff works.

The writers picked up on their chemistry, and in an effort to make it less creepy for everyone involved, threw in a plot twist making them biologically unrelated so they could hook up.

Old Gals Dance BETTER Than The Stars Some years ago, a video of an older woman dancing salsa with a young buck 40 years her junior circulated all over the internet.

Rumors flew that she was Ginger Rogers dancing with her grandson (not true — Ginger died in 1995).