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The look of love: Actress Cynthia Nixon and girlfriend Christine Marinoni out and about in London. All the more so as, two years ago, she had undergone a lumpectomy and radiotherapy following the diagnosis of breast cancer. Her partner was speaking from experience: a little more than 20 years ago Christine Marinoni was a homecoming queen herself, a curvy feminine redhead who was the belle of the ball on prom night.One who was there remembers that she was as pretty as a picture in her dress.

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Mostly, though, it is Marinoni who is the calming influence.

She has helped Nixon, a high achiever who has acted since she was a child, to relax a little more.

It appears that she makes a point of being as unladylike as possible.

But one who met them while they were in London for the premiere says they made a 'delightful couple'.

'They are both slightly serious-minded and very alike in terms of what they like to do and see, and they are not at all lovey dovey.