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Read More Beck doesn't think it's good form to name the company engaging in these shady practices.

"What was more surprising, and traumatizing," Beck said, "Was that some of these individuals had chosen to send naughty-gram picture messages of their previous work with this professional, personal pictures in admiration of this person, and well, you have an imagination." Beck explained that none of the previous number's clients had any clue that they had been contacting their escort via a burner number -- or more importantly, that it was now in possession of another person altogether.

He commented, "The problem was made worse for them because of the features provided by this service, as previously mentioned the Vo IP service offers Caller ID; I was not only receiving the correspondence from this lengthy list of previous contacts, but now I had the phone numbers they were using to reach me." He continued: "This situation now not only posed a risk to the previous owner of this phone number, permitting me access to their contacts who had reached out to her, but exposed her clients and potential clients to exposure from an unknown individual now in possession of their information.

BBC Radio 1 has been criticised by media watchdog Ofcom for broadcasting fake adverts for sex chatlines.

The adverts, played at 4.20pm, included "sounds of graphic sexual moans and groans", were trailers for advice show Sunday Surgery.

Sadly this last piece is what offloads the responsibility (and liability) of op-sec to the recipients of these numbers." Solving this problem, Beck told ZDNet, is going to pose quite a challenge.