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She didn't, but Mark noticed ominously that one of the guys, Paul, who was with her kept looking over his shoulder.Paul was a nasty little ass, and he would recognize Mark if he saw him, so Mark made a detour of sorts, cutting around several machines and then moving as quickly as he could toward the end.Mark moved to other side of the bar and ordered a coke, but when he walked back around to check on her, the table was empty.

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He had lost them, and started to search for them, becoming a bit frantic when he didn't see the group anywhere, then he saw them on the first floor, they had taken the stairs.

Only they had now been joined by another man, Thomas, the owner of the company.

He had been there a few times and remembered that there were two gaming roomss in that area?

Yes, two, so he quickly moved among the people there, using them as cover in case she looked back.

Luckily for Mark, he was able to finish early and struggled through heavy snow to reach the party and join his wife.