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A representative of Veet addressed the situation stating, "We wanted to create an ad campaign that was a bit humorous and offbeat..didn't want to shock, but we're not the experts on that." The manager reported there were several complaints about the website, and it was summarily taken down so as not to "tarnish the brand's image." In April 2014, Veet released a number of controversial commercials.

These were poorly received across social media, drawing wide criticism for their unkind depiction of unshaven women as being masculine.

Veet's hair removal products contain thioglycolic acid and potassium hydroxide.

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A sugar-mama extraordinaire, Catherine lived her love life exactly the way she wanted, and probably the way many people wish they could.

7) Alfred Kinsey ### Alfred Kinsey was the geeky guy who turns out to be a stud behind his glasses.

The effect is to break the disulfide bonds of the keratin molecules in hair.

The trademark for Neet was then picked up by the American Home Products Corporation in 1958.

Taking full advantage of her power, Catherine not only modernized and expanded the Russian Empire, she also plucked up whatever handsome men she wanted as lovers.