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The gradual introduction and, consolidation of the diocesan system, and the history of Scottish Catholicism down to the religious revolution of the sixteenth century; III.

The post-Reformation history of the country, particularly in connection with the persecuted remnant of Catholics, and finally the religious revival of the nineteenth century.

Tertullian, writing at the end of the second, speaks of portions of Britain which the Romans had never reached being; by that time "subject to Christ"; and early Scots historians relate that Pope Victor, about A. He also founded there a famous monastery, whence saints and missionaries went out to preach; not only through the whole south of Scotland, but also in Ireland.

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Kentigern may be called the founder of the Church of Cumbria, and became the first bishop of what is now Glasgow ; while in the east of Scotland Lothian honours as its first apostle the great St.

Cuthbert, who entered the monastery of Melrose in 650, and became bishop, with his see at Lindisfarne, in 684.

Palladius as having been his successor in the work of evangelizing Scotland.

Pope Leo XIII cited this tradition in his Bull restoring the Scottish hierarchy in 1878; but there are many anachronisms and other difficulties in the long-accepted story of St.

The name of Scotland came into use in the eleventh century, when the race of Scots, originally an Irish colony which settled in the western Highlands, attained to supreme power in the country.