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Yet in the churches, court house and police station - all of which are built in stone - there is a suggestion that this was a town built to last for eternity.

In his novel The Merry-go-Round in the Sea Geraldton–born novelist Randolph Stow capture the contradiction of a solid ghost town when he observes of Greenough: 'And on the Greenough Flats were big houses, a two–storied barracks that had quartered the soldiers who protected the first settlers against the blacks, a two–storied corn chandlers', a solid-looking church which suddenly, startlingly, disgorged a full congregation of sheep.

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However, hard times and economic developments began to affect conditions in the area.

By the 1870s a series of droughts, floods and fires had reduced the cropping capabilities of the region, which had been important in supplying the colony with much needed flour supplies.

"It is also important as a surviving remnant of the town of Hampton, which was established in 1862, not long after the Greenough Front Flats.

As the district's first hotel, it was a focal point for Greenough settlers for social gatherings, balls and political meetings.

The Greenough was full of ruins and history and agreeable reminders of the world's vanity.' The valley where Greenough now stands was first explored by George Grey in 1839.