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He pitched parts of 11 seasons with the Minnesota Twins (1990,1993), Florida Marlins (1995), Chicago Cubs (1995) and Boston Red Sox (1996-2002). Can you imagine trying to pass through airport security with his full name on a passport?

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Smith spent 11 years in the NBA with the Sacramento Kings (1987–1990), Atlanta Hawks (1990), Houston Rockets (1990–1996), Detroit Pistons (1996), Orlando Magic (1996–1997) and Denver Nuggets (1997).

He was a two-time NBA Champion (1994, 1995) and member of the 1988 NBA All-Rookie Team.

Howe is a PR dream, the face of the NHL and a legend in the realm of professional hockey.

His nickname is more a basic description of the entity he embodies than a catchy alter-ego. Hockey" is used to sum up his life, and it is very fitting.

There are so many famous AKAs in the world of sports, and many deserve their place at the top of the heap. Whether they describe physical appearance, a catch phrase, or an extreme and unique ability, these nicknames follow their host, even beyond the grave.