Red flags in dating relationships

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Does he treat people respectfully, or do you see signs of uncaring behavior or entitlement? Since lots of men grew up with the quick encounters of hookup culture, they may need a little help fostering a deeper, closer intimate relationship.“Communicate,” says Ivankovich.

“If your partner is receptive to exploring your intimacy together, set parameters for how to go about this.

Source: Gossip On This I am a firm believer in that saying by Maya Angelou that says “When people show you who they are believe them the first time.” This philosophy should be applied to all aspects of life; however, this should be a golden rule for women who are in the dating game.

Over and over we hear women drone ” He wasn’t always like this,” or “He just changed on me one day out of nowhere.” No, boo, he didn’t change.

“When you’re with that person at the beginning and something strikes you as odd or bizarre, and it sticks with you, it makes you uncomfortable but you can’t really wrap meaning around it,” that’s your red flag, says Bethany Marshall, Ph D, Psy D, author of Deal Breakers: When to Work On a Relationship and When to Walk Away.

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