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I understood what it meant to live out physical chastity.However, saving all sexually intimate acts for marriage is only a part of this virtue.

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And of course, I got the same speech from my mother (at age twelve no less!

So, when it came to the point that his heart chose me, he was nervous that his mother wouldn’t accept me…and she didn’t in a lot of ways, but I think she was relieved that at least I wasn’t black.

If he tried to engage her in small talk, she was indifferent. He’d never known a woman so at ease with her sexuality that she didn’t care if a man saw her as nothing more than a sex object. For a man so used to being the hunter, not the prey, it was a remarkable turnaround.

As one of Frank Sinatra’s boyhood friends once remarked: ‘He was a skinny guy, ordinary looking, gawky, his Adam’s apple protruded and his ears stuck out.

I began to question how I could get out of this year alive.